Yes, first travel post, so thought it should be close to home… and heart. People who know me call me a total desi – well, I am a mixture of different cultures from south of India. Born telgite, am a tamil ponnu and a Mallu at heart. Enough said about me, lets get down to business.

After a hectic couple of weeks at office (yes, an actual job which pays for my vacations), I finally couldn’t wait for this super small trip to this magical place along with my close friends. Clifftop and by the beach, sound of it itself is mystical. If the idea of it is not alluring enough, I dare you to experience the scenery, guaranteed that you will be thrown in surprise.


Since it was last minute booking, we couldn’t find a clifftop resort, however we fought a comfy and cosy place by the beachside (details at the end). This place exceeded our expectations, both with respect to cost effectiveness and hospitality. My friend and I took the Saturday morning flight from Chennai to Trivandrum and hired a cab from the airport to Varkala. The cab driver was another delightful person and kept us engaged throughout the one hour drive by the sea. It was pure bliss.

We reached just in time for breakfast and was served with comfort food. Comfort food by the beach was just was I needed.


We chilled the afternoon, chit chatting and bitching about random people and strangers, I mean thats what friends do right. This place is just for that. If you ever want to take your favorite people to a quiet place and have a de-stress yourself, this is my personal recommendation. We went for a quiet walk from the beach to the clifftop. There are lot of shacks on the clifftop and you will be able to grab a good drink and take a peaceful drag if you please. There are many options according suited per your requirement. If you have time, you can even go for a soothing massage or an yoga class. You will be able to meet different kind of personalities, urban nomads, gypsies, hippies, the place is a constant surprise.


We had an eventful night back at the resort, danced our heart out all night and the hotel people kept our hunger sated with yummy Malabar cuisine. If you are going anytime in the Monsoon, there is no requirement to even go for an air conditioned room as the weather is too friendly and pleasant.


I seriously don’t recall when I hit the bed, we woke up next morning leisurely just in time for a late breakfast. I was craving for the god’s own country’s favorite delicacy, the mighty ‘Pazham pori‘ otherwise called as Banana fritters and the hotel staff were kind enough to make me some. Crunching on the fritters, we went for a small morning walk and clicked some pretty amazing pictures.


Our return flight was in the night, so we left by 6pm from the resort (the same cab driver had agreed to drop us off). It was a mini-mini vacation, but I left a big chunk of my heart by the beach. The place is beyond words, but I know it cast a spell on me. I am quite a travel junkie so believe me when I say, this place is one of my top ten recommended places for a quick trip with the people you love.

Enough talk, check out what exactly am I raving about.


Cheers, The_Indianer

  • Per head cost excluding air travel: Rs.4,000 (two days, 1 night)

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