So what do you exactly mean by happiness? Few years back when I was a struggling Chartered accountant student, happiness meant catching a movie out of the blue or an occasional day off from hectic work schedule. When I was a school student, happiness meant reaching school and coming to know it is a holiday or getting a few extra bucks from dad for lime soda.

Wish life was that simple. Now when we are at a better place in life, financially and socially, happiness seems to be over-rated. Nothing seems to bring that level of joy out of simple things back in our life. We have all become so engrossed in being the bread winner and hoarding wealth for our old age that we forget to even pause and think – what brings you happiness today?

I hit this stage in life – where nothing or no one seems to actually interest me anymore. Everything that I once thought was important seemed so trivial and useless. I realized I cannot simply go on like this. I paused and I thought. Why have we become such mundane wealth generating robots? I put in serious thought and read some self help books and finally reached a conclusion – Clinical depression. Yes, we are those individuals, you have everything in life – a successful career, decent looks, socially accepted, unhappy.

I was stunned by the result that I arrived at as part of my psycho analysis and consulted a friend who is an expert in this field. With a little bit of encouragement and after some detailed and careful research, I decided to redeem myself. I bought myself a notebook and started jotting down those random thoughts that flash across my mind which we usually dismiss as a passing thought. Like a wish to savor a hot cup of tea when it starts to drizzle when you are sitting in office, typing your life away as if the company’s balance sheet will not tally if you do not take a breathing break, or to go from an impromptu solo trip.

Then I decided to indulge in it. Every one of my random thoughts. I played with street dogs in heavy rain, I travelled in a local bus with my head out letting the wind caress my hair, I simply sat by the window in the morning listening to the birds chirp so happily, I cooked a full happy meal for myself and devoured it by myself, I scuba dived along with black tipped sharks in Maldives, I para sailed across the beautiful islands in Thailand, I sat by my self sipping a beer in Clark Quay listening to live music. I started actually enjoying my own company. People around me as well could see this change in me, I was less serious, more focussed and diligently happy. I started to feel that stress or burden starting to wear away from my body.

I would sincerely recommend the same to whoever who is reading this. If you are unhappy and have absolute no reason for it, stop whatever that you have been doing and take time for some serious self-introspection. We may be successful to the society but you should understand the reality that we can achieve greater feat if we are happy doing what we do. You don’t have to waste your resources and  time and money by going for hours of useless therapy, just make time to listen to your own mind. Your mind is the most powerful energy – it tells you what you want, all you have to do is to listen.

Listen to yourself. Make yourself happy and everything else will fall in place.

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  1. LonePack says:

    In the Indian society, the focus is more on making everybody except yourself happy. Something that needs to change though…
    “Listen to yourself. Make yourself happy and everything will fall in place.”
    Well said!

    1. theindianer says:

      Agree, we put ourselves through this as an socially accepted norm everyday – making people like you by doing what they want, what society wants. We need to stop this culture.

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