Coffee, first love

I have been away for quite a while, thanks to my double life where I am either swamped behind financial statements or am traveling away to glory or attending wedding marathons. Yes, life of an actual ‘Indian girl’, pun intended Chetan Bhagat.

Anyway, before I spam you with my detailed travel posts, I wanted to tread on a lighter subject, one of my favorites, my life support, my mood shifter, my first love (probably the only one right now!) – Coffee. I know for many of you, its not a big of a thing, but for many others, it is a life line. So if you belong to the former category, please move along because I am definitely going to go into various levels of detail here which you may find totally absurd.

For the latter category, you know exactly what I am talking about right? We are those category of people, who take pictures of the coffee from the roadside shop from angles that would make professional fashion photographers go “Is that even possible?”, yes we are those people. I know some coffee lovers, who literally do not utter a single word until caffeine enters their system in the morning as if it is oxygen, and some others who cannot commence an important presentation without coffee present by their as if the coffee cups magically whisper out the points written down in their cue cards, and some others who simply enjoy a cup of coffee because it makes them happy.

I for the record, am a combination of all of the above. I study coffee, I pray coffee and I literally reek of coffee. When I go to the cafeteria in my office at precisely 10 am in the morning, the barista there knows exactly what kind of coffee I am looking for, how much cream and sugar I want, the accurate consistency – the whole deal. He and I share that unspoken bond which cannot be explained – well which can be explained in coffee terms.

I know, excessive caffeine has its side effects – it leads to insomnia, may cause cancer and is pretty bad for expecting mothers, but when happiness comes in wonderful smelling, amazing tasting, tiny cute little beans, who are we to resist. So my dear fellow coffee lovers, I get your fixation, but please be mindful of when and where to draw a line. Like they say, too much sweetness in a relationship leads to a diabetic heart, which is why it is so hard for it to heal when wounded.

Love, A fellow coffee addict.

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