Pattaya – City of Sin

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I have been super duper (exponential 10 million times) busy and lot of things have been going on. I have been either working my bejesus out or traveling whenever I got even a day off, so I really couldn’t find time to put up any posts. I have so many exciting things happening around me that I want to shout out to the world, however fingers crossed and lips zipped for now.

I have many travel posts and other random musings lined up which will be shared in the weeks to come (I promise, no more disappearances for months from now on). I do not know who is reading this out there, but this is a space where I have poured my soul out and have met amazing people (a life changing one as well) in a short span of a year, so I would love to meet more interesting people in the days to come and make some sweet and spicy memories.

As a comeback post, I thought I should be sharing my travelogue experiences of my visit to Bangkok and Pattaya. This particular post is on Pattaya and I shall do a follow up post on my experience in Bangkok to keep the post optimal (decent word for not being a drag). My friends and I wanted to escape from our mundane jobs, which ironically pays for our rendezvous and decided to go for a small trip outside India. After not much of a brainstorming, given the peanut sized budget we had we zeroed in on Pattaya and Bangkok. We decided that it will be a relaxing trip which shall be filled with high intake of calories (solid and liquid form, if you know what I mean, wink wink) and burning off the same through some serious and vigorous shopping. And that is what we did. Eat and shop.

We headed out from Kochi and landed mid day in Bangkok. There is a certain magic in this entire landing process in different countries or different cities for that matter. You get to see the beautiful panoramic view of the city and imbibe the charm that it beholds. Bangkok is no exception. Being the canal city, we were greeted by the sight of the canals flowing through the city leading up to the Gulf of Thailand.


Breathing in the Thai scent (literally and figuratively), we proceeded with our threesome entourage to the city of sin, yea!! Pattaya it is. Our hotel was a minute walk from the Walking street and was by the beach and had a pool (Say whaattt!). We were excited beyond words as this was our first girls’ trip outside the country. Without wasting much time, we glammed up (at least we tried) and hit the streets of Pattaya. Mind you, if you are a guy be extra careful and vigilant in this place for obvious reasons. But if you are girl – Ladies, this is where you should be having your bachelorette – as this is one place that is absolutely safe for girls and has easy access to whatever fantasy you would have ever dreamt of (wink wink again).


Walking Street – Best time to visit is sometime around midnight. You get to see people having dance offs on the street, eat yummy and ridiculous street food – you get scorpion fry and cockroaches roast believe it or not and basically have a really good time as the street itself comes alive and fills you up. It is blindingly colorful and happening. You will easily end up spending good amount of time in the street, just enjoying the scenes and absorbing the mix of cultures.


Next day, we left to Coral island from Pattaya. Coral island is a half hour speed boat ride away from Pattaya. We basically went to the island for some serious sun bathing and water sports, however out of things that we did on the island, we enjoyed the speed boat ride the most. So there are other means to get to the island, but I suggest that you do not miss out on the ride for anything in the world. We somehow managed to sit at the deck of the boat and each time the boat flew and hit the hard ocean water, the entire girl crew squealed in a mixture of joy, excitement and pure terror, it was a ride to remember.


thumb_IMG_7453_1024Upon reaching the island, my friends and I went straight for para sailing. It is 500 baht per ride and trust me its worth it. They take you for one ride around the docking platform, but if you are lucky and blessed by the eternal gods and the virgin fairies kiss you with their magic dust, you may get a second ride like me (thanks to the wind basically). Much to my friends’ annoyance who all got only one ride each (lol!), after the second ride we hit the beach and lay on the shore sipping chilled drinks. If you are not into sunbathing or the beach, there are thrift shops along the bay which you can explore which sell wide range of things – especially for ladies. Also there are shacks were you can either use the free beds or pay for a decent one for around 100 baht and enjoy a beer or two. There are other water sports and yacht rides, under water sea gazing and other activities which are all at your disposal. We like real classy ladies, instead of all this filled our petite tummies with high dose of calorie infused street junk from the shacks by the sea. You get every other meat known to man in the most delicious form in this place. Close your eyes (and brain which says ‘whaaattt’ on loop) and only think one word – BINGE. After all, we all have only one life and my hashtag for life is #noregrets.

After an interesting afternoon, we headed back to our hotel for a quiet and relaxing evening concluding it with a spa. There are spa joints in every nook and corner and you can choose according to your preferences. Recommend that you walk by the Pattaya beach and speak to couple of joints before you zero in on the place and kind of spa that you want to take as there are varieties of spa beyond imagination available at this place – after all this is the city of sin.

Our two day stint at Pattaya came to an end with us sitting by the beach, sipping long island iced tea and enjoying the most beautiful sunset.


Hope the post was not a drag and was informative. I shall soon be putting up a follow up post of the continuation of this trip in Bangkok.

Until then…………………………………………………………………………………………………………To be continued


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