London – 10 inexpensive things to do this X’mas & NYE

 Hey beautiful people!

Any of you planning to vacay this Christmas in the city of all things historical (& expensive), the mighty London?

Things can get a little heavier on the pocket if you are planning to visit London this time of the year. And if you plan to save a buck (or in Brit terms, a quid) or two but still explore London thoroughly, then this is “the” post where I shall be telling you guys the 10 best and must do things in London during this time of the year.

1.Explore Carnaby Street, Oxford & Regent Street.

Almost all the commercial streets in London will be lit up like a Christmas tree (pun intended), but the best & most colorful would be the Carnaby, Oxford & Regent street. Also along the way, you could check out all those crazy Christmas sale going on in every single shops while you are at it.

Carnaby Street in full Christmas decor
Oxford Street, London

2. Have London’s own hot & yummy Fish & Chips for Poppies.

Are you a fishy person? I know its poor attempt at Brit humor but blimey, yes meant if you love sea food and especially want to try out the authentic English fish & chips, then recommend to visit the Poppies Fish & chips. I went for calamari instead of cod fish since I am not fond of sea food but still wanted to check out the highly recommended restaurant. The dishes are very inexpensive and you can wash down the dish with a variety of cocktails which are also available in the menu.

3. Let the Potter-head in you lose and click a picture at King’s Cross Station.

I mean, I simply loved the fact that the King’s Cross station had a 9 3/4 platform for the Potterheads and Muggles like us to come and get our share of JKR magic. If you are a huge fan, I would highly suggest that you take the Harry potter studio tour which takes about half a day and costs around £60. However if you are on a budget, then you can click this picture from the King’s Cross station as well.

4. Explore the street art brilliance at Brick Lane.

I mean, people visit Brick Lane for variety of reasons. Most exciting of them is for the street art, every nook and corner has some colorful and deep street art, however this one was my favorite.

5. Walk down the Westminster and click a picture in front of the London eye. Need I say more?

6. Get Sher-locked! and visit 221B Baker Street.

If you fancy taking a closer look into the habitat of the mighty Sherlock Holmes, then all you need to do is shell out £25 and you can spend about an hour going through the room and personal belongings of the one and only Sherlock. If not, be a shutter bird from outside the house!

7. Sip a coffee with the view of the London Tower Bridge (and my personal favorite!!).

Let the picture do the talking!

8. Take a walk with your loved one through the Hyde park. 

This needs no explanation, just grab a hot chocolate or a pack of churros and walk down the park with your loved one and spend some real quality time. It was very rewarding and I didn’t spend a dime!

My better half 🙂

9. Grab a Christmasy Sunday brunch at a local pub and chill with beer.

A visit to London is not complete without going to a local pub. For some nightlife and young crowd, recommend visiting Soho or Piccadilly circus during the later part of the day. But if you are an old school person in the heart then highly suggest grabbing a Sunday brunch which is basically steamed veggies, roasted chicken and Yorkshire pudding at any local pub and dig in and watch a cricket match on TV with the locals.

10. Best for the last – Watch the New Year’s eve fireworks display and capture the moment. (Image sourced from google).

You need to plan this in advance (subscribe to the Mayor of London newsletter for notification on sale of tickets) and get the tickets delivered to your home address. It is only £10 and have the best new year’s eve with fireworks and music and sharing the moment with your friends.

Image is sourced from Google

I hope that this post was useful to you and wish that you have a great time in London because I definitely had a rad time 🙂

Let me know if you liked this post in the comments section and also suggestions on how I can help you better!


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