Good news guys!! I finally got my visa sorted and am now an official resident in Germany! Since we couldn’t plan much in advance due to ambiguity surrounding my visa situation, we decided to explore some cities within Germany for this Christmas.

So, off we packed our backpacks and set out to explore one of the oldest and undisturbed towns in Germany, the Trier. Okay, first off if you are someone who likes to explore happening and bustling places, then let me tell you right away to skip this post. Trier is no such place. It is one of the calmest and quietest places I have ever been, even so quiet that it is to a point little bit weird in any European city during the time of Christmas.

We specialize in budget travel, and for a 4 hour journey we took 4 trains, hehe. We took the “Schoenes Wochenende” ticket which basically allows to travel anywhere within Germany for a set price with Regional trains. There weren’t many options available in AirBnB in Trier, so accommodation was a no brainer. The place turned out to be quite pleasant and comfortable and was at a walking distance from the nearest railway station.

So without much rambling, let me tell you 5 places of interest in Trier that you could cover during a weekend trip!

  1. Porta Nigra


img_0005Porta Nigra is the oldest Roman gate north of the Alps. It is a UNESCO listed world heritage centre. There were primarily four gates guarding the city of Trier, however only one stood the test of time and nature. This is one of the only places in Trier where there were any crowd!

2. Cathedral of Trier



Cathedral of Trier is the oldest church and religious structure in Germany and was built in the 3rd century. Interesting fact is the church was previously a palace of a Roman queen, whose son converted to Christianity and commissioned the reconstruction of the palace to a cathedral. Also the cathedral and the adjacent basilicas which were built together stood the test of time through the attack of Franks, later the Vikings. Even WW did not touch the city 🙂

3. Judenpforte am Marktplatz



Apart from having remnants of the Roman era, this town also shows facades of the Jewish influence through its architecture. One such place where you could see this is the Marktplatz which is now a square with lot of restaurants and shopping places. The buildings at this square are really old and you could see the wooden beamed houses which clearly yells out the Jewish dominance.

4. Kurfürstliches Palais

img_3128dsc_0252Palace in Trier which housed the Archbishops from 16th to 18th century now used as a government office. It was one of the monuments constructed on the foundation of the Constantine palace, another notable building being the cathedral of Trier itself. Wish any of the Indian government offices be like this?

5. Roman Baths

1                                                             (Above image is sourced from Google)snapseed

Trier Imperial baths are again UNESCO listed world heritage sites and are part of the Roman monuments built in the 4th century AD. We unfortunately couldn’t enter the premises as it was closed for renovation purposes. Personally I felt unimpressed by the structure as I feel that it is almost at the brink of destruction and the baths are not actually there anymore, just the outer structure. As compared to the Baths in London, where the baths are still fully intact with steaming water, this left me totally unimpressed.

There are a handful of other places of interest in Trier which are the Karl Marx House and the Roman bridge. If you are someone who has interest in history and particularly the philosophy of communism then the Karl Marx House is definitely a must visit.

After a very laid back couple of days, with lot of coffee & lot of walking through the old town, we headed back home feeling very relaxed.

Let me know what you guys thought of this post and hit me up if you have any questions!


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