“Underrated” is the word for this really pretty and scenic city. On the way back from our recent trip to Trier, we decided to take a quick pit-stop and visit the Cochem castle and the city itself. One hour from Trier, this place is something that you will not miss if you are traveling by road or train. Nestled on top of  a hill, is this majestic medieval castle waiting to be explored.

As we landed at the Cochem station, we wasted no time and started walking towards the castle. By foot it takes approximately 15-20 minutes to reach the castle. Alternatively you could also go by car and park near the castle entrance. We walked by the river Moselle on a reasonably cheerful winter morning. As we were ascending, I realized that the place would have looked absolutely divine in spring or autumn. The castle is on top of a hill covered in grape vineyards and one could only imagine how that would be at the time of full bloom.

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History of the Cochem Castle:

The castle is 1000 years old built by the palatinate count Ezzo. Years later, King Konrad took control of the castle and made it an imperial castle. Later in the 13th century, the then King Adolf pawned the castle along with surrounding villages to the Boemund I of Trier to pay for his coronation and could never redeem his pledge, therefore placing the administration of the castle at the hands of the archbishops. In the 17th century, the French occupied Rhine and its surroundings and almost completely destroyed the castle which remained as it is till the 19th century when a Berlin business man bought and re-built the castle. Now the castle is owned and being maintained by Cochem town.

Since the castle stood the test of time and change of hands, war and manslaughter, there are many a legends and folk tale surrounding the castle. One of which is still acknowledged and celebrated is “Knipp Monday” which is the Monday after the Easter Sunday. Legend says that there was an attack planned by a mob on the castle on this day which was successfully averted by the noble and vigilant knights housed at the castle. The then Lord of the castle gave the entire town the day off which the people celebrated with food and wine on the hill which became a tradition for the localites.

When to visit:

Even if I visited the castle during the Christmas time, I would strongly recommend anyone who is planning to visit Cochem to go during Spring or autumn time since the hill would be filled with flora. It would be quite a delightful sight.

Best photo places:

Top of the hill at the entrance of the castle of course. From the castle which is at the top of the hill, you could capture the panoramic view of the Cochem town and the river Moselle flowing in between. It is quite a sight, I spent almost an hour just standing there and gasping at the beauty.


Second would be from the bridge running across the Moselle river. From this spot, you could capture the hill and the proud castle on top of it, something that I missed on capturing.

Even though I am someone who is always fascinated by history and culture, more than the unique story of the castle what really captivated me the most was the scenic view from top of the hill. In most cases, I would be the one who is clicking photos of buildings, castle, people etc and my husband is the one capturing the natural beauty and sceneries. But this is one place where I wasn’t remotely interested about the castle and was just immersed in the simple beauty of the place.


I would highly recommend this place to anyone traveling to this part of Germany to definitely visit and even stay overnight and have a laid back time by the European country-side.

Hope you liked this post and would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Beautiful photos! We are traveling there next weekend.

    1. theindianer says:

      That’s great!! Hope you have a great time 😃

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