Book review – The Woman in Blue

Corona, Covid-19 has definitely taken & picked apart 2020 and put a halt to all our plans for the year including all the travels. Today is our 10th day of social distancing and instead of getting cooped up in our houses, decided to step out of comfort zone and try new things, like trying a new workout (even if my lungs are in physical pain), reading a new book, trying to plant every possible seed available at our home and just be productive.

Whilst doing this, figured that I could share my thoughts on the new books that you could possibly try during this period of uncertainty & our keep idle brains energised and ready for the real world once it is back on business! Without much ranting, lets get into the actual post!

If you are fan of the Series “Bones“, the dynamic duo of a Forensic Anthropologist & a macho FBI agent teaming up to fight crime and bring justice to the world, then this might be the book series for you. Eighth book in the thriller/ mystery series of Ruth Galloway, a forensic archeologist & Harry Nelson, detective chief of the Norfolk Police coming together yet again to find the truth of what really happened that sultry night.

A body is found on the church graveyard in Norfolk county, a town renown for its shrines of Virgin Mary. Like Dan Brown, Elly Griffiths has that knack of putting a touch of reality into fiction by adding real depictions of locations and their historical references. Whilst the book definitely embodied her classic cyncial sense of humour, what it lacked the most was the emphasis &  detailing on the crime itself which is usually the heart of her stories. I personally felt it landed a bit dry and even predictable at one point.

I always love a good crime fighting partnership story and Griffiths delivers just that. The exchange between the main characters Ruth & Nelson is something I personally enjoy reading and envisioning in my mind. Ruth’s constant musings about her weight and thoughts on food is something I could totally relate.

If you are someone who enjoys a good murder mystery then this is definitely worth a read, but what I would recommend is to start by grabbing the first book in the series so that you could get accustomed to its rotating characters.

Hope you have a fun read!


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